“La Esperanza”, a beautiful house  in a large garden  in Tarifa, Andalusia, the southernmost point of Spain and Mainland Europe.

Our well built and tastefully decorated main house and two separate holiday homes are situated in a wonderful garden overlooking the Straits of Gibraltar. From here you can enjoy a most exciting view over the Straights of Gibraltar, with its  luxury liners, container ships and tankers majestically gliding through the waters and the coast of Morocco and the Riff Mountains as a backdrop.  In spite of being in the south of Spain, the climate here  is very temperate thanks to the location with the Mediterranean Sea to the east and the Atlantic Ocean to the west and being situated 350 meters above sea level.

We, the owners, Inglis and Erika Ward have lived in and have loved this house since the year 2000 and would like to pass it on to someone younger,  who would find as much happiness in the house and in the whole Tarifa region as we have experienced.

Our self contained Casa Christina, Casita and Round House have been an ideal  accommodation for our family and friends, giving each family the possibility to cater for themselves and to have their own privacy or to join us in the main house.

The main house and 3 holiday homes can be rented out individually or together giving the future owner the possibility  of generating income from holiday guests, particularly in the summer months when visitors from  excessively hot cities enjoy the temperate climate and the huge sporting and leisure possibilities of Tarifa.

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